Some sketchbook drawings of people

Anja-Karina NydalReg. from sketchbook 131

Here are a few pencil drawings of people from a couple of A4 Sketchbooks (150 g/m2 Daler-Rowney and 160 g/m2 Moleskine – for those who like to know about papers and such like).  My sketchbooks are full of drawings of people as well as scribbled email addresses, notes and general reminders and so on.  These drawings are typical of the five, ten and thirty minute drawings in these books (I think there are about a hundred and thirty-seven of them to date).

By the way, if anyone out there would like to do some drawing in the Turner Contemporary gallery, Margate, tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 21st May 2013), do come along and draw the Juan Munoz sculptures: ‘Conversation Piece 3, 2001’.  I’ll be there between two and four o’clock in the afternoon to offer advice, thoughts and suggestions about drawing.  The Turner Contemporary will provide drawing materials but you can bring your own if you prefer.  Just come along and draw.

Note: the next major exhibition at Turner Contemporary, ‘Curiosity: Art and the Pleasure of Knowing’, is presently being installed and this opens on Saturday 25th May.



One thought on “Some sketchbook drawings of people”

  1. Very, very beautiful and sensitive drawings – thanks for sharing them. I wish I was free to come and draw the Juan Munoz but maybe there will be another similar event I can get to one day.

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