Museum Drawings

death mask of 'male insane'. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. William Ramsay Trust. drawing from sketchbook 129Colley Cibber. National Portrait Gallery. drawing from sketchbook 121

I’ve been asked to do the ‘Armchair Residency’ at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge (formally The Royal Museum) in Canterbury at the end of the year.  It means I’ll be allowed access to the museum’s collection for inspiration for new artwork and I will be required to write a series of blogs about the experience once it gets underway in September.

Here are a couple of sketchbook drawings of objects from other museums.  One is of a bust of Colley Cibber, from the National Portrait Gallery in London, and the other is of a phrenological  death masks labelled as that of a ‘Male Insane’ which was on display in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.


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