The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013

Roy Eastland silverpoint drawing in the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013

I urge you all to go and see this year’s Jerwood Drawing Prize!  This isn’t just because I have my work in it but because I think it’s a particularly good exhibition this year.

The drawing I have in the Jerwood Drawing Prize is composed of silverpoint portrait drawings and hand-written text drawing called: “They looked like silver birds.  The sun was shining on them…”.  I’ve written about this work previously in this blog and so just scroll down this ‘home page’ to find those earlier posts.  I’ve also put a couple of videos of it on youtube …and also on my facebook page: ‘Roy Eastland’.


6 thoughts on “The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013”

  1. Thank you.

    Yes it had a good feeling about it and I was really impressed with the overall quality of the show. My first thoughts when I saw the first few drawings was “Wow! This is really good!” and then, “Damn! This is really good!” Yes, it was good.

    I’ve decided to have a busman’s holiday tomorrow and go up and have a proper look at it all and bask in the nice feeling of being in The Jerwood Drawing Prize!

    Thanks Andrea!

  2. Yes, I thought the same. Have you been to postman’s park in London? I visited a couple of years ago as I have a love of history and found it quite moving. Your work reminded me of this, but your work adds another dimension by adding drawings of the people who lost their lives.

  3. I also feel the need to go back to have a proper look at the exhibition. It was far too crowded for me. I would like to view the work at a more leisurely pace.

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