The Independent newspaper review of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013

My drawing has received a nice mention in Zoe Pilger’s, Independent newspaper, review of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 (this has made my day!).  Here’s a link to her article:

tontine street jerwood drawing prize 2013 roy eastland silverpoint drawing (2)jerwood drawing prize 2013 roy eastland review

Here is part of the exhibition revue (click on the link to find the whole article):

“…Overall, the exhibition is elegant and balanced, but quite conservative. The boundaries of the medium are pushed – but not too much. The huge impact of technology on drawing is neither shunned nor overhyped

There are 76 shortlisted works on display out of a total of 3,082 entries. Some are fantastic. Roy Eastland’s They looked like silver birds… (2012) is a stunning montage of those killed in the 1917 German air-raid on Folkestone. Portraits in silverpoint are accompanied by moving biographical detail. Isobel Wilson, 80, for example, “was in the queue for potatoes when the bomb exploded.” Eastland makes you search for clues so that the narrative is unfolded through the act of looking.

Bitch (2013) by Catherine Linton is another exceptional work. A recorded voice whispers an elliptical poem about dogs (“…at your feet I lay…”), while a faint pencil animation plays on a screen of yellow notepaper on the back wall of a tiny wooden cage. You have to look through the bars to see: a young woman wearing a muzzle, running. The feminist allusions are powerful and delicate at once.

Can cutting open an envelope with a scalpel be classified as drawing? Apparently so. Important, Act Now (2013) by Lindsay Connors is an envelope from the Inland Revenue on which those ominous words are printed. This is conceptualism at its best: succinct and funny without being cynical. Any of these three artists would have been deserving winners.”


5 thoughts on “The Independent newspaper review of the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013”

    1. Thanks Kathy. It’s an interesting exhibition. Go and see it if you can. It’ll be showing at the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury in March 2014 I think. It’s in London until 27th October.

  1. I think the way this reviewer has singled you out makes it almost as good as winning and was tantamount to saying you should have done ! Hoping to see the exhibition today.

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