Lost Drawings

Roy Eastland silverpoint portrait drawingsHere are three small silverpoint portrait drawings.  Only one of these still exists for certain.  One of them was recently lost in the post en route to a charity auction at Millennium gallery in St Ives, Cornwall, and the other one was destroyed through over-working it.  Perhaps the one that disappeared will turn up somewhere one day.

They are part of an ongoing series of drawings based on unused photo booth images of my Mum.  They are not simply copies of photographs; rather, they use the photographic images as a starting point to try to get at something that feels true to me.


4 thoughts on “Lost Drawings”

  1. Anyone who has the courage to work in a way that courts the risk of destroying a work will achieve greater depth in other work than would otherwise ever have been possible for that artist.

    As for trusting the Royal Mail with your drawing …

  2. Yes I choose to take the attitude that there is always something more interesting still to come. My approach to making Art guarantees a high rate of attrition and sometimes I wish someone would take the things away from me before I destroy them.

    As for the drawing that was lost in the post: maybe it’s having an adventure all of its own.

  3. Thinking about lost works of art: I’ve lost a couple of little sketchbooks as well. One of them was left in a telephone box near Edinburgh College of Art (and it was gone within the 20 minutes between leaving it there and remembering that I’d left it there) and another one was left in Whistlebinkies pub (also in Edinburgh). I wonder who has those.

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