Life Drawing exercise

Hilderstone Adult Education Centre Margate Thanet Life DrawingMargate Adult Education Centre Kent Adult Education demonstration Life DrawingSidney Cooper Gallery Canterbury demonstration life drawingThese drawings weren’t made to be works of art. These are demonstration drawings done as part of the Life Drawing classes I teach at Margate Adult Education Centre and at The Sidney Cooper Gallery, in Canterbury. They are 15-20 second drawings of two repeated poses (each pose held for three times). The students get a minute or 30 seconds for each pose. There are various reasons for doing this drawing exercise, and I’d need to write a very long essay to put them all into words. Here are a few thoughts about this particular drawing exercise.

Everything changes. This exercise acknowledges that fact that we draw within a continual state of flux and change. The model resumes each of the poses three times but each time there will be subtle and not so subtle changes in the model’s position. This is inevitable. Even if it was humanly possible for the model to re-occupy the exact-same position each time, you (the person drawing) will have changed ever so slightly as your time moves on: we are not quite the same person we were a moment ago and drawing can make us more aware of this change. You get three goes at drawing each of the two poses. You might notice something different each time and you might want to draw something different each time. There isn’t time to rub out and start again. There isn’t time to finish a picture. The person you are drawing isn’t a picture: they are physically in company with you for a short period of time. You must pay attention to what is present. You must make decisions within the moments you have to play with. Your line is the trace of all the little changes of mind that took place the charcoal in your hand made its nervous way across the surface of the paper. Your line has its own little ‘life-story’ of beginning somewhere and changing and coming to an end. As you make your mark you will notice that parts of your lines happen to ‘agree’ with what you are finding in front of your eyes and other parts of your line lose or never even make that that connection. Let it be and start a new line. Sometimes you’ll make a good line.

I’ve posted some other images on my facebook page as well (!/pages/Roy-Eastland/1495390357351370).

Get in touch with the Sidney Cooper Gallery (Canterbury) or the Margate Adult Education Centre (you might have to get to them via their main website) if you’d like to come along to the Life Drawing sessions.



4 thoughts on “Life Drawing exercise”

    1. Thanks! I thought it might be interesting to say a few things about some of the things I do in the Life Drawing classes I teach. I’ll post some more in the future.

    1. The next Life Drawing classes will be at the Margate Adult Education Centre, Hawley Square in January. There’ll be a Wednesday morning Life Drawing class (1000-1230, starting 13th January) and a Thursday evening Life Drawing class (1900-2100, starting 14th January). If you go to the Kent Adult Education website and type my name into their search box you’ll find the details there. Or you could telephone the centre (03000414018). There will also be a Tuesday evening Life Drawing class at the Sidney Cooper Gallery Drawing Studios, Canterbury, beginning in March 2016.

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