A drawing on show in Margate

They looked like silver birds. The sun was shining on them...

I have a drawing on show at ‘The Pie Factory’ in Margate at the moment (until four o’clock on Wednesday – so you had better hurry if you want to see it!). It’s in a group show called ‘MEMORY’ which has been organised by Nathalie Banaigs of ‘Kent Creative Live’. The work in this show is varied but broadly linked by the theme of memory. I submitted my drawing, “They looked like silver birds. The sun was shining on them…”, because I wanted it to be out on show again and because you never know who’ll find it on the gallery wall there.

The work is about the people who were killed by a bomb which exploded in Tontine Street, Folkestone, during ‘The Great Folkestone Air Raid of 25th May 1917.  It’s a work of Art and so it’s also about much more than that.  It’s up to its viewers to make up their own minds once they’ve spent some time with it.

This particular drawing has been on show a few times. It’s very first outing was in a gallery space on Margate Pier. That particular show was an off-shoot of the ‘Telling Stories: Hastings’ exhibition (Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, organised by Kathryn Kemp). Then it was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize and after that it was shown at the Sidney Cooper Gallery, in Canterbury, in the ‘Remembering We Forget’ exhibition. It also made a brief appearance during ‘East Kent Artists’ Open Houses’. So far this drawing has been on a journey from Margate Pier, London, Newcastle, Plymouth, Canterbury and back again to Margate. I wonder how many people have looked at it. I wonder what they thought. I hope some people took some time to look at it a few times. I hope it will find its way to Folkestone one day. I hope I have done a good job.

The work is presently hanging on the wall of a gallery in Margate old town (not far from Turner Contemporary). I wonder who will come across it there.  I wonder what they will think.


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