Another resting drawing


This drawing is resting.  I stopped work on it a couple of months ago.  I might continue to work on it sometime in the future but for now it’s resting in a drawer.

The medium is silverpoint on gesso (click on ‘silverpoint’ on the list of categories to read about the medium) and it’s about the size of a sheet of A4 paper.  It’s based on a postcard, probably from the mid 1930s, of people dressed in fancy dress somewhere in Margate.  This drawing was to form part of a series of drawings based on images of people, with a Margate connection, dressed in costumes of some sort.  The idea was to have the drawings shown together and to allow people to make connections between the people in the different drawings and to bigger world events (the images I have in mind are from before or during The Second World War). It’s also to think about identity and what we imagine about others  based on the way they look.  I’ve worked on several versions of this image (and on sections of it) but for now the work is resting.  It might be years before work in this begins again.


6 thoughts on “Another resting drawing”

    1. No I don’t feel it’s finished but I haven’t come to a decision about what I want from it. Most of my work ends up in this sort of limbo but some drawings come back to life and I’ve got a feeling this one will come back to life when I’m in the right frame of mind for it. I would’t like to predict what’ll come of it (nor the other works that go with it).

      1. Yes. But i’d be worried if it ACTUALLY spoke to me! I lose confidence in my artwork all the time and that lack of self-belief is very boring. It’s also the problem of having the time and means to produce the work. I can imagine this being part of a small group of drawings (as well as an art work on its own) and for it to be part of a bigger work I’ll need to find the money for the frames and to have a venue to show the work. Perhaps I should just make individual works and allow the themes to emerge and show themselves as and when I show my work and, gradually, over the course of time.

  1. It must be difficult to find the conditions to get into the zone and stay there as long as you need but confidence may be a casualty of not really getting a properly sustained go at something.. .. I don’t know what the best confidence building measures might be. Demons from the World of Non Drawing might be impinging too. Intense self criticism is in some ways crippling but in others a propellant forwards because it may carry a sense of where the dissatisfyers are in a particular work or part of a work and at least can help in diagnosis even if there is not the morale to act on it yet. As for framing it is the definitely the curse of the artist of works on paper.. you works are fragile – although once it is framed it is finished and that is for sure.. I hope you will one day bring this work to a conclusion that feels right – It doesn’t matter if that is in years rather than months. I think it is rather wonderful at this stage. Your, you may say, documentary response to Margate and its history is really fitted to your way of drawing – like looking back through layers of time.. and you will never ever run out of subject matter and Margate is so worth it. I feel optimistic about Margate in the medium term – although it will never get the 60s back .. and then the past will be a source of pride and interest. In certain quarters it already is.

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