Drawings like little poems


Drawings can be like little poems; they can stand alone as intensely troubled-over, individual, works of art in their own right.

This tiny drawing is of a chalk stack at Botany Bay near to where I live.  The piece is about 5cm by 6.5cm in size and it is drawn with silver on gesso on card.  I might make a series of drawings of this stone.  We’ll see.  This work stands on its own but it shares themes in common with lots of my work: presence and the passing of time.

The tides and the weather are gradually eroding this chalk stack away to nothing at all.  In time it will no longer figure in anyone’s line of sight and its base will form part of a chalky reef covered by the sea at high tide.  For now it is here and this familiar – familiar to me at least – feature at the high tide line makes me think about time and about processes of change over the course of time and the drawing of it can stand for that.



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