Reviewing the situation

Reviewing recent works in progress/abandoned silverpoint drawings in my workspace/studio in MargateIf I could make money from the amount of time and I spend (waste?) working on things that never get to be finished works of art I would be a very, very, rich man.

I tell myself that all the effort will bare fruit in the fullness of time and that all the time and effort is an investment in works of art yet to come.  Somehow or other, in spite of my doubts, I seem to keep the faith and keep on working away at my ideas and drawings.  I couldn’t tell you why.

I’ve dug these silverpoint drawings out of their drawer to look at them and see if looking at them will suggests a possible next move.  I’m showing them here because otherwise they might never be seen or become finished works of art.  These are not finished drawings but they each have their moments: subtle things that suggests possible next moves.

I don’t know.  These drawing are resting.