Drawing recently on show at the National Portrait Gallery in London (The Portrait Gala 2017)

National Portrait Gallery, Portrait Gala 2017, Mystery Portrait Postcard, silverpoint drawing, ROY EASTLAND

This drawing (silverpoint on gesso on board) was recently on show at The National Portrait Gallery, in London, in an exhibition which included about a hundred A5 size portraits donated by mystery artists.  The work was for sale as part of the 2017 Portrait Gala event and The Mystery Portrait Postcard exhibition.  The gala event and exhibition were part of a fund raising event to raise money for the gallery.  The exhibition lasted for about three weeks but the names of the artists were kept a secret until just last week.  I’m now allowed to say that this one was mine.

The drawing is based on a photo booth image of my mum which was probably used for a bus pass.  It’s one of an on going series of drawings based on photo booth images.  Photobooth images capture little, unimportant, moments of a person’s life.

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Drawing in the National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery.  Gala Portrait 2014.  Silverpoint drawing.

This is a portrait drawing which was recently exhibited in the (London) National Portrait Gallery’s ‘Portrait Gala 2014’  (http://ow.ly/udrha).  It’s about A5 in size and drawn (and written on) in silverpoint on gesso.

I’m presently working a series of four similar portrait drawings.  Each portrait drawing is based on a photo booth picture of my mum and the texts will be made up of multiple versions of hand-written text which recall, amongst other things, certain family memories and linking these with a wider social and historical context – you have to spend time with it.

I’ve been offered a small exhibition at Millennium St Ives, later in the year, and I’m looking forward to putting the work together for this.

I’ve written the last of my six blogs for The Beaney (aka The Royal Museum and Art Gallery), in Canterbury, and you can find these via this link: http://www.canterbury.co.uk/Beaney/explore/Armchair-Residency-Roy-Eastland.aspx

The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2013 makes it’s way to Canterbury’s Sidney Cooper Gallery at the end of next week and so anyone who wants to see it and can get there to see it should do so.